Welcome to my paintings

"KARL - Der Unbekannte", this means that 99% of modern painters is unknown. This has always been so in the past. But there has always been a small and fine group of believers and enthousiast followers of art-with-a-promise. Not that I can promise you my fame, but I do promise you much pleasure and comfort!

This is an invitation:


I am looking for co-artists who are eagerly searching for tomorrows art. Who are the visonairs? What is the motivation. No matter about style or material. We live in a world full of (con)fusion, culture is spreading about the globe. Communication has never been so intense. And yet we are in need of peace of mind, simplicity, softness, balance, a comfort state of mind. With these elements I hope to inspire you.

Serie: Dutch Delight

Dutch Design, Double Dutch, Dutch Treat: all expressions of a special culture and special people. Dutch means: simple, logical, straight, international, but also a good feeling for quality and taste.
Think of our worldfamous painters like Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Vermeer, Mondriaan, etc.


These paintings are all acrilyc on board, framed in transparant plexiglass. Size 14 x 32 inch.

Polder walk

Our polder is flat and green. Our sky is high and mostly a bit cloudy. And scientific research learns we are happy!

Daily bread

We save more than we spent: security for a good linving means hard work. we say: he who doesn't work shall not eat.
So our daily bread is more than just food.

Happy Egg

To start a new day with a warm egg gives a good feeling. Life can be simple, relax, enjoy!

Serie: Hommages

His Yellow Chair

Hommage to Vincent
This is fun! Imagine: Vincent van Gogh looked through his brushy eyebrows: filtered the colours of his "yellow room" with next to his bed his yellow chair. Now I look through my eyebrows to his painting. I visualize... I paint.
Who's next?

Milk but no maid

Hommage to Vermeer
The Milkmaid from Johannes Vermeer ispired me to use his colours. The milkcan is my own. I thought to paint some details, but the light from the window tells us enough.

His Masters Hat

Hommage to Magritte
(in progress)
Rember the many variations  Magritte painted of his hat?
And the falling men from the sky like rain?

But now restyled like a real "Karl" makes me realy happy.